Reverendisimo Obispo Auxiliar de Detroit Arturo Cepeda“La Nueva Evangelización nos impulsa a continuar respondiendo gozosamente al Espíritu que nunca cesa de estimular nuestras comunidades a la conversión.  El llamado a celebrar y proclamar el Evangelio a todas estas comunidades se encuentra en el corazón del ministerio creativo de la Federación de Institutos Pastorales (FIP).  Con años de experiencia Hispana, la Federación seguirá respondiendo a los retos del mundo de hoy  y continuará sirviendo mediante su excelente contribución a la formación en los ámbitos académico, ministerial, y de fe, para nuestras comunidades y más allá de ellas.”

-Obispo Arturo Cepeda
Most Reverend Arturo Cepeda Auxiliary Bishop of Detroit

Most Reverend Arturo CepedaRobert A. Hurteau, Ph.D., Director of the Center for Religion and Spirituality, is a former missionary who has continued right on since with a multitude of service-oriented roles in pastoral and theological fields with a keen focus on diversity. Since becoming director in 2005, Dr. Hurteau has greatly expanded offerings in Hispanic theology and ministry, and worked in partnership with the Los Angeles African American Catholic Center for Evangelization to bring into existence a program in African American Ministry. He has been heavily involved in constructive dialogue between various religions and peoples, standing firmly in partnership with the Los Angeles Hindu-Catholic Dialogue, the Los Angeles Buddhist-Catholic Dialogue, and local initiatives for Jewish-Catholic relations.

Dr. Hurteau is on the board of Fuller Theological Seminary's School of Theology, a member (and past president) of the Association of Professors of Mission, and a volunteer with its sister organization, the American Society of Missiology, currently serving on its board of publications.  He is currently a member of the California Catholic Conference (CCC) education committee.

Dr. Hurteau recently authored A Worldwide Heart: The Life of Maryknoll Father John J. Considine, a biography on Maryknoll missionary John Considine that offers a look into the U.S. Catholic missionary movement in the twentieth century.

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